Volkswagen, which aims to increase the rate of green electricity it uses in its factories to increase from 70 percent to 90 percent, has started a remarkable study.

Volkswagen is progressing step by step towards its goal of switching to carbon neutral production by 2050. The company has set new targets to achieve during the year in order to increase the rate of electrical energy obtained from renewable sources and outsourced at its facilities.

Except for China, Volkswagen increases the renewal rate in electricity energy it uses and outsources in its 16 existing production facilities worldwide from 70 percent to 90 percent.

Volkswagen, which plans to realize this increase in 2020, also systematically converts its electricity producing facilities into gaseous use. The company, which has been working on switching electricity supply to high-efficiency gas-combined cycle power plants for the production operation in Wolfsburg until 2022, has also reduced the CO2 emission rate from electricity and heat production by 60 percent or approximately 1.5 million tons a year thanks to these plants operated in cogeneration mode. aims.

The targeted figure is equivalent to the emission produced by approximately 870 thousand vehicles. With these power plants, Volkswagen makes a long-term contribution to the stability of the national distribution network and electrical energy system in Germany.
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