Uber, which provides private transportation services over the phone applications in the world, withdrew from the country upon the decision of the Colombian Industrial and Industrial Court (SIC) to stop its activities.

The U.S.-based Uber ended its activities as "Uber", "Uber X" and "Uber VAN" in Colombia, which has 88 thousand drivers after the decision against SIC.

In Colombia, Uber and Colombian authorities, which the Ministry of Transport has deemed illegal since entering the country, have previously been negotiated under conditions such as insuring drivers or paying Uber taxes, but no agreement has been reached.

The complaint of Cotech, one of the companies in the country, was asked to end Uber's activities, which was decided by SIC on December 20, 2019 and accused of unfair competition.
Uber had announced that he would leave the country, even though he described the decision as "arbitrary".
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