Following Renault's announcement of Luca de Meo, who will be CEO from July 1, 2020, a joint statement has been released that will shape the future from the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubisihi trio.

In this joint statement, it was emphasized that this partnership was effective in "strategic growth and partnership of each firm". The statement highlighted that the partnership was much stronger by rejecting allegations that it would break down.

Stating that the working model of the partnership will change and the management floors will strengthen, the companies confirmed that they will implement this strategy by sharing the strengths of each producer with others.

"By sharing the strengths of each share of our partnership with others, we will improve our strategy, technologies and products."

In addition, the companies stated that three different brands will focus on three different regions. While Nissan continues to work on China, Renault will focus on Europe and Mitsubisihi on South East Asia.
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