Automobile giants decide to close the factory consecutively due to coronavirus. Hyundai was the first brand to close a factory outside of China, and Nissan came in a decision to close. Nissan, which stopped production at its facilities in Japan, became the second global manufacturer outside China to close the factory.

The coronavirus outbreak that has erupted in China continues to carry its influence out of the country. After a break from automotive production in the country, South Korean Hyundai, which has stopped production recently, was the first manufacturer to close its factory outside of China.

After Hyundai, who stopped production due to the supply problem, it turned out that this time Nissan stopped production in Japan.

Production was suspended due to coronavirus at Nissan's Kyushu production facility in southwestern Japan, according to the Japan-based Nikkei newspaper.

It is stated that Nissan made this decision because of the epidemic, having difficulty in getting the necessary parts from China.
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