British auto giant Jaguar Land Rover, which is located under the roof of India-based TATA, announced that they decided to stop production or take a break on certain days.

Jaguar Land Rover will slow its production due to falling demand and cost reduction strategies.

The company, which experienced a 2.3% decline in retail sales in the last three months of 2019, has entered the cost-saving target of £ 500 billion after this.

The brand has entered such a bottleneck, especially due to the reduced demand for diesel engines in the EU and the shrinking of the Chinese market.

Jaguar Land Rover, the factory in Castle Bromwich, England, will operate four predetermined days of the week and will be fully closed for the remaining 3 days.

The statement made by JLR is as follows: “The external environment continues to push the conditions in the automotive industry. We also take specific measures that will protect ourselves and be effective to better keep up with these challenging conditions. There will be some small changes in the production calendars of the Solihull and Castle Bromwich factories. ”

The decision to stop the production of Jaguar Land Rover is not related to the Corona virus. JLR Castle produces the F-Type, XE, XF and XJ models in Bromwich maze. The Solihull factory produces F-Type, Land Rover Discovery and various Range Rover models.
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