Hummer, the legendary SUV model of Americans, used by the American army, known for its angular design and superior off-road capability, has announced that it is electrically back on the market.

The new Hummer will be released on May 20, in a statement from the official brand of the American brand. The car will change the balances with an electric motor that produces 1000 horsepower yes exactly 1000 horsepower and 15 thousand 574 Nm torque.

In the light of this data, Hummer will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds. There is no information yet about the full charge and range of the car.

Hummer, which was first offered for sale to the public in 1992, is referred to as the legendary SUV model of GMC. The car has taken its place in the product range with 3 different generations named H1, H2 and H3. Apart from these 3 generations, the Hummer HX can be opened, it is produced in a 2-door, smaller version than the standard Hummer. A cable rechargeable version of the car, of which we will find examples in our country, also appeared in 2008.

The car, which is in the form of a full SUV with its angular and large design, has managed to draw attention from the first date it started to be produced. With its 2nd and 3rd generation, Hummer has shown to the world that he can move away from his defense and off-road identity and become more road vehicles and offer comfort.

As of today, GMC brand announced that it will reveal the legendary model fully electric on May 20 with a 30 second advertisement to be published in the Super Bowl. Having a unit that produces 1000 horsepower and more than 15 thousand Nm of torque, the car brings the idea of ​​“an electric motor in every tire” to mind. The car will be revealed with a publicity on 20 May 2020.
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