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Volkswagen ID.3 Selected As The Most Efficient Vehicle

Friday, January 17, 2020

Volkswagen's fully electric ID. The first model of the family, ID.3, was awarded the OB ECOBEST 2019 ’award as the most efficient vehicle.

Volkswagen, ID.3, which is the first model of the fully electric ID model family that it plans to introduce to the market in line with its “Electromobility” strategy, indicates that it will lead a new era. The brand, which plans to introduce the electric model to the market, received an appreciation from the AUTOBEST jury; ECOBEST 2019.

Volkswagen considers clean, impressive and accessible “e-mobility olarak as the future of the automotive sector, and defines it as the best and most effective way to achieve carbon neutral mobility.

Volkswagen's goal with a production plan of 1.5 million electric vehicles in 2025 is to remove e-mobility from its current niche position and bring it to a central position in society. ID.3 uses the opportunities offered by technology to the end as the first model designed by Volkswagen in line with its e-mobility strategy and started mass production. The ID.3 model, which started production in Zwickau factory in September 2019, is planned to be on European roads in the summer of 2020. There is no definite information about the arrival of the model to our country. However, expectations are expected to be about 6 months after the European exit.

AUTOBEST, which has received ID.3 award, attracts attention as one of the most prestigious organizations in the automotive world with the elections it has held in different categories since 2001. 31 European countries are represented in the 2019 elections, the awards of the organization, will be given to their owners on February 13 in Germany/Mainz.

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