Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, owner of Racing Point of Formula 1 teams, received 20 percent of British sports car maker Aston Martin for $ 263 million.

The expected statement came from the British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin, who has been in search of new investors for a while.

The company's board of directors meeting today responded positively to Canadian billionaire businessman Lawrence Stroll's 20 percent share demand.

Stroll will pay $ 263 million (200 million pounds) for 20 percent of the company, according to Aston Martin, a company dating back to 107 years.

It is stated that the investment will be used in the production of the brand's first SUV model, DBX. Aiming for a capital increase of 500 million pounds with Stroll's 20 percent share purchase, Aston Martin is also in contact with Geely, the Chinese automotive company owned by Volvo.


Lawrence Stroll is known for his investments in motorsport. "We think Stroll will contribute to our company with its Formula 1 experience," said Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer, who talked about the investment of the Canadian business man who has been talking about the teams he bought in Formula 1 in recent years.

Under the agreement, Stroll's Racing Point team in Formula 1 will also fight the name Aston Martin F1 from the 2021 season.

It is also among the information that Lawrence Stroll's chairman, who left the chair the previous day, will replace Penny Hughes, former chairman of the company.

It is reported that Stroll's fortune folded with the investment he made in fashion brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors.
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