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Friday, January 24, 2020

Japanese automotive giant NISSAN combines vehicle owners' design and advanced technology expectations with the new QASHQAI N-TEC model.

Offering the innovations of NISSAN Intelligent Mobility technology to a wider audience, the new QASHQAI N-TEC model combines the best of NISSAN design and technology. Crossover meets the customers' aesthetic quest and meets their technological needs.

The QASHQAI N-TEC features the advanced ProPILOT system and Intelligent Parking Assistance, which we are often accustomed to seeing only in high-end cars. Taking drivers' enjoyment to the next level, QASHQAI N-TEC includes NissanConnect features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to easily connect to digital life.

NISSAN customers will enjoy a crossover model that reduces stress in daily driving with the most advanced NISSAN technology and advanced ProPILOT system. ProPILOT, which monitors the vehicle's progress on the highway, helps QASHQAI follow the lane it moves and regulates its speed. It manages traffic jams and controls the distance to the vehicle in front.

Smart Parking Assistant eliminates the stress of parking back and forth. Thanks to advanced sensors, it detects the appropriate parking space and then realizes the parking maneuver on its own. At this point, the driver only needs to adjust the speed and follow the perimeter view monitor (bird's eye view of the perimeter of the car on the touch screen).

NissanConnect offers the experience you're familiar with from your smartphone via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It allows you to use voice, navigation and messaging apps through the touch screen and voice control to minimize distractions.

In terms of design, the QASHQAI N-TEC gets a more elegant and striking look with its all-black 19-inch wheelset, darkened lighting group, dark grille and glossy black mirror slots. With this black-themed upgrade, NISSAN also draws attention in the interior design of the vehicle with Alcantara upholstered seats, soft touch materials and glossy black air vents. With this eye-catching style of QASHQAI N-TEC, NISSAN takes the pioneer crossover model even further.

Customers demand more technology

As technology changes the automotive market, consumers' attitudes towards the technology they want to see in cars are changing. NISSAN recently asked car customers how the emergence of new technology influenced their purchasing decision. The results of the research show that technology has become an increasingly important factor in making car buying decisions.

Research, involving more than 5,500 drivers across Europe, shows that design and technology are the two most important determining factors in car selection. While the design continues to attract 94% of drivers, 79% of drivers think that satellite navigation is the best innovation in recent years. Parking sensors (72%) come right after these two features. Autonomous driving technology is defined as the most useful (45%) feature, followed by smart payment technology (40%) and voice activation feature (38%) used for tolls and parking. Drivers also define speed control (53%), traffic sign recognition (45%) and in-car entertainment systems with touchscreen (41%) as "useful".

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