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Volkswagen diesel scandal punished more than a country!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Volkswagen (VW), 4 years ago, diesel engine cars, showing low emission values, using fraudulent software confessed to the world over the diesel scandal broke out.

To date, the German manufacturer has produced a bill of $ 33 million scandal, Volkswagen continues to headache. So much so that Canada's dizel diesel 'investigation started in 2015 came to an end.

According to a statement, VW's 128,000 cars in the country do not meet Canadian environmental laws. The court will be held in Ontario on Friday VW'nin sentence will be given will be given.

Volkswagen (VW), the leading actor of the diesel scandal that broke out in the US in 2015, is accused by Canada this time after 4 years.

The German automotive manufacturer, accused of polluting the environment in Canada, said the 128,000 model on Canadian roads was contrary to the country's environmental laws.

In a statement issued by the Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), a government agency acting as the Environmental Department in the country, Volkswagen has not violated the Canadian Environmental Protection Act on 60 separate issues, it says.

VW's investigation will be fined and the case will be announced in Ontario on Friday.

The investigation, which has been conducted by ECCC for more than four years, was initiated after Volkswagen acknowledged that in 2015 cars had fraudulent software showing low emissions.

On the other hand, 10.7 million Volkswagen brand cars all over the world have been found to have the software in question, the diesel manufacturer scandal has reportedly issued a bill of $ 33 million to the German manufacturer to date.

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