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Uber banned in Germany

Thursday, December 19, 2019

The US initiative Uber, which connects taxi service providers and passengers online, was banned from Germany. The decision taken by a court in Germany, the company does not have the license required for the transport of passengers with rental cars were recorded.

Uber was banned last month in London, the capital of England, and a shock came from Germany.

In a court decision in Germany, the US initiative does not have the license required to transport passengers with rental vehicles recorded.

Serving in 7 cities in Germany, including Franfurt, Munich and Berlin, Uber works with car rental companies and licensed drivers in the country.

Ber We will evaluate the court's decision and take the necessary steps to continue our services in Germany, U Uber said in a statement.

After the decision of the German court, the US initiative is reported to change the business model in the country.


Uber, which operates as an online marketplace that connects taxi drivers and passengers with cars, was also banned in London in late November.

The company, which the London Transportation Department did not extend its license to, was charged with inclusion of unauthorized drivers in the UK capital.

After Uber was banned in London, the company's global competitors took action to fill the gap.

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