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Renault Solutions For The Disabled

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Renault Group has signed a cooperation agreement with technology design company Nino Robotics to sign new solutions to support the freedom of movement of people with disabilities. With the agreement, the Renault Group continues its mission of developing sustainable and accessible mobility solutions for everyone, meeting the needs of people with limited mobility.

Within the scope of the cooperation, the Renault Group Social and Sustainable Impact Department will make a financial contribution to Nino Robotics through Mobilize Invest, which supports projects with a strong social impact potential in the field of mobility, and will carry out special studies with Renault Group engineers (battery specialists, motorization, connectivity, etc.). form a sponsorship plan.

The goal is to support the growth of Nino Robotics, the designer of the new aracı personal transport vehicle with alternative seating düzen aiming to change the perception of appropriate transportation solutions, and to increase the production volume of the electric vehicle NINO4, which it will launch in the near future, on an industrial scale.

Pierre Bardina, the founder of Nino Robotics, aims to provide a very different alternative to the solutions offered for disabled people with limited mobility with NINO4.

This remarkable, elegant and colorful design, as well as its minimal space-saving size, this kişisel personal transport vehicle with alternative seating düzen will also feature connectivity that offers users data such as battery level, speed and distance traveled.

With the Takip Follow Me ”function, the vehicle will allow third parties to guide NINO4 and its user through auto-tracking. developed and launched two different products.

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