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Ford to produce auto parts from coffee waste

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Ford Motor Company and McDonald’s collaborate in an environmentally friendly way to use coffee beans in automobile parts.

Every year, tons of coffee beans, infusions, are peeled naturally during the sucking process. Together, Ford and McDonald's aim to evaluate a significant amount of these wastes in an innovative and sustainable way.

The two companies have discovered that coffee bean waste can be transformed into a highly durable material that can be used in automobile parts. According to the statement made by Ford; When coffee bean wastes are heated at low temperatures with high oxygen and mixed with plastic and other additives, the resulting material can be converted into various forms. These components, which consist of coffee bean waste, match the quality specifications that the headlight housing and other interior and exterior body parts must possess. Moreover, parts produced by this method are 20% lighter and allow 25% less energy to be used in the molding process.

Under the project, McDonald's is expected to direct a significant portion of North American coffee beans to Ford for vehicle parts. Ford is currently working on achieving the goal of using recyclable and renewable plastics in automobiles it manufactures worldwide.

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