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Elon Musk drives Cybertruck

Monday, December 9, 2019

US electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla's first pick-up model Cybertruck, viewed in traffic. Behind the wheel of the car's CEO Elon Musk, Cybertruck and Los Angeles appeared in the streets.

Cybertruck, although the mass production of the first electric pick-up draws attention, the launch of the endurance test, discarded armored glass came to the agenda with the discarded stones.

Tesla's recently introduced pick-up model Cybertruck, viewed at tarfikte. Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla, who was behind the wheel of the futuristic design vehicle, launched the electric pick-up in Los Angeles, USA.

Musk, Cybertruck went to a restaurant and delivered the car to the valley where recorded. Although Cybertruck stands out as the first mass-produced electric pick-up on the market, the experience of introducing the vehicle remains fresh in memory.

So much so that in the endurance test performed at the launch of Cybertruck, whose glazing was reported to be armored, the discarded stones had broken the glass.

Elon Musk, despite the event that caused difficult moments, Cybertruck for the first 3 days after the introduction of 300 thousand pre-orders were announced. The initial price of the vehicle for the United States is announced to be 40 thousand dollars.

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