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Bosch and Mercedes-Benz autonomous vehicle cooling system!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Bosch and Mercedes-Benz's joint project to develop urban autonomous driving has reached a new stage. The pilot project for the application-based vehicle recall service using autonomous Mercedes-Benz Class S vehicles was launched in the area known as Silicon Valley in San Jose.

The service will first be presented to a selected group of users and users will benefit from an application developed by Daimler Mobility AG to book a trip with autonomous Class S vehicles from their desired pickup point to their destination.

Bosch and Mercedes-Benz believe that this pilot project will make valuable contributions to the further development of the SAE Tier 4/5 autonomous driving system. Partners also hope to learn more about how driverless vehicles can be integrated into a hybrid mobility system, including public transport and car sharing.

Bosch City Autonomous Driving Engineering Manager Michael Fausten said, “If autonomous driving is going to become a reality we will see every day, technology needs to work in a healthy and reliable way. At this point, we need tests like our pilot project in San José. ”

Mercedes-Benz AG Autonomous Driving Manager Uwe Keller said, ot It's not just autonomous vehicles that need to prove good. We also need to prove their suitability as part of the urban mobility puzzle. We can test both at San José..

Two companies bring together their technical knowledge and experience

Wherever they are, Bosch and Mercedes-Benz employees work together. This ensures that decision-making channels are short and that information can be exchanged quickly between different areas.

In addition, employees have access to the knowledge and expertise of their colleagues at their parent companies at all times. Here, Bosch's technical know-how from sensors, control units and steering and brake control systems to all automotive subsystems is combined with Mercedes-Benz's many years of experience in system integration and automobile manufacturing.

The distribution of tasks within the project is done in the same way. The mission of Mercedes-Benz is to make the jointly developed driving system ready for installation in the vehicle and to provide the necessary test vehicles, test areas and test fleets. Bosch develops and manufactures components for autonomous urban driving.

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