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Automotive design; Artisans

Sunday, December 22, 2019

The skilled craftsmen at a production center in Martorel, Barcelona, ​​shape die castings that give life to different parts of the SEAT models.

Artisans create unique pieces of hands, but their works are admired on the streets and roads everyday instead of being exhibited in the museum. SEAT’s mold craftsmen are responsible for shaping molds that shape the doors and hoods of SEAT models, and their mission is to ensure excellence.

One die casting for thousands of creations

For a car door to be perfect, it must be molded into a perfect mold. They are, for example, the only type of mold that shapes all the front doors of a model. If there is a defect in the mold, it is repeated on all vehicles. Mold craftsmen who are tasked with creating molds for SEAT do what is necessary to ensure that such a situation never happens. Craftsmen have a very valuable task in this context.

Polished by craftsman hands

Before the start of automobile production on the assembly line, more than 2,000 tests are carried out in die casting to correct even the smallest imperfections that cannot be measured. José Barba has been molding for more than 25 years. To verify that the molds are flawless, a 2,550-ton print is shaping the first part. The craftsmen, who are mold makers, come into play at this point in the first stage of the work, which is based on the eyes and skilled hands of the work.

Light is a valuable resource:

“We use our senses and experiences in the initial tests, but as we progress we need to use other methods that help us identify things that we cannot visually notice, Jos explains José. A light tunnel of 5,000 lm / m2 stands out as the best source José has. Any bend in the light reflected on the test pieces indicates where corrections should be made. Then the master's hands begin to work on the mold again and the work does not end until the mold is perfect.

Polishing stones and apprentices

José Barba's work is not limited to manual polishing of mold castings, as Barba also shapes the craftsmen of the future. Here, theoretical education and practical training are combined and masters share their knowledge and skills with students and university graduates in their final year of education. Jorge García, 24, studied under the guidance of José for a year. Ğinde You don't know anything when you first come. The job is so unique, you can only learn by giving your hours and if you have a good teacher. The important thing is to be willing to learn, Jor says Jorge.

Craftsmen: Two years to achieve excellence

Their commitment to each die encourages them to spend nearly two years on each part to be tested after numerous grinding and polishing operations and then retested. This continues until they become perfect doors. Ten It's a tremendous feeling of satisfaction to see the result of the work you've completed after so much effort. When I see a new model on the road, I'm proud to know that its parts are perfect and partly achieved by our handicraft, mükemmel says José. José’s apprentice Jorge is on the path to becoming the mentor of new students and will soon experience the same satisfaction as his mentor when he sees the results being used on the streets.

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