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All models will be electrified by 2022

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Jeep, an American off-road vehicle manufacturer, plans to offer electric power options throughout the entire product range from 2022 onwards. The statement came from Christian Meunier, CEO of the brand.

Meunier told the Australian press that they want to make Jeep the world's greenest SUV brand.

According to Meunier, full electric and hybrid power versions will be available on all Jeep models by 2022, making the brand both environmentally friendly and fueling vehicles.

Christian Meunier reminded that Jeep made sales of 300 thousand units all over the world in 2009 and that the brand's sales reached 1.5 million units.

Jeep CEO, "Previously, while a more niche brand, today we are increasing our presence in the market. Electric Jeeps will be the best Jeep models ever produced," he said.

Jeep CEO Christian Meunier also mentioned that Jeep is a land-oriented brand so far. Yeni We want to change this with our new models. We aim to differentiate our vehicles in the market in a sustainable manner besides the land capabilities ".

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