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Uber's license to operate in London has not been renewed

Monday, November 25, 2019

Uber's private transportation service via telephone software is reported to be renewed in London, England's operating license.

The public transport unit in charge of transport services in the capital London (TfL) said in a statement, Uber's license expired yesterday said renewed.

The company stressed that although the company has made some improvements in its operations, it still does not meet the required standards.

In London, a total of 45 thousand drivers working in the Uber'in regularly reported that the wrong practices, unauthorized permissions of the driver's account of other drivers upload their photos, in this way about 14 thousand irregular driving was recorded recently.

In the statement, the drivers are prohibited from working by inspection organizations again by opening new accounts through Uber and stressed that the safety of passengers is compromised.


"Even if we see Uber making some improvements, it is unacceptable that it allows its passengers to travel with unlicensed and uninsured vehicles and drivers," said TfL Licensing Director Helen Chapman. he said.

"I know that this decision will not be popular among Uber users. But security is our biggest concern. The supervisors are responsible for ensuring the safety of Londoners." found.


Jamie Heyword in charge of Uber's Northern and Eastern European Region, arguing that the decision was wrong, stressed that they have supervised all of their drivers in London in the last 2 months and further strengthened their practices.

Heyword says Uber will appeal the verdict.

In 2017, TfL announced that it was decided not to renew Uber's license due to lack of corporate responsibility and concerns about the safety of customers.

Uber appealed the verdict and in June 2018, with the decision of the Westminster Magistrates' Court, he obtained his license for 15 months.

Makheme also decided that Uber's London operations would be audited during this period and London's public transport and transport department would be paid £ 425,000 for legal costs.

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