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Production of electric Volkswagen ID.3 begins

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

In line with its “Electromobility” strategy, Volkswagen has started the production of ID.3, the first model of the fully electric ID model family, which it plans to introduce to the market.

As part of its E-Mobility strategy, Volkswagen began production of its first fully electric ID.3. The first ID.3 will be on the road in the coming days. Angela Merkel and Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess was taken off the band with a ceremony.

Volkswagen considers clean, impressive and accessible “e-mobility olarak as the future of the automotive sector and defines it as the best and most effective way to achieve carbon neutral mobility. The group will launch approximately 70 new electric models over the next 10 years. The goal is to remove e-mobility from its current niche position and bring it to a central position in society. ID.3 will be the first model in the new generation of electric cars to begin mass production. The model is specifically designed for e-mobility and takes full advantage of the opportunities offered by this technology.

After Beetle and Golf, heralding a new era

The production of ID.3 is the most important turning point for the Volkswagen brand after Beetle and Golf, which are among the legendary models of the automotive world; Zwickau stands out as the leading factory of this new era in the automotive industry.

“MEB” (Modular Electric Platform)

ID.3 is Volkswagen's first model based on MEB (Modular Electric Platform) technology. The heart of MEB (Modular Electric Platform), which forms the technical and economic backbone of the brand's electric vehicle breakthrough, is a flat, scalable, high-voltage battery integrated into the vehicle's floor. In 2021, Zwickau will be producing fully electric cars and six models based on the same platform will be produced for the other brands of the Group.

Zwickau Resort was a first

Volkswagen became the first major automobile manufacturer to turn a large factory producing cars with internal combustion engines into a fully electric automobile plant. Zwickau facilities, whose gradual transformation started in 2018 and will be fully completed in 2021, will be the largest and most efficient electric car factory in Europe at the end of the process.

Transformation into Europe's largest electric car factory

The conversion of the Zwickau plant is completed in stages and as normal operating activities continue. In the first stages of the work started in 2018, the body shop, paint shop and infrastructure facilities were extensively modernized and renewed. All conveyor technology is optimized for electric vehicles. In addition, the conversion of the first of the two assembly lines was completed and the first ID.3 was downloaded from this tape. Driverless transport of 1,700 robots

systems and fully automated production processes are used, Zwickau is the first of its kind in the series of future electric cars.

330 thousand electric cars will produce

While ID production works are going on at the facilities, the Golf Variant model will continue to be produced until the middle of 2020. After this date, the second assembly line will be transformed into the electric car production line with the first assembly line and will be commissioned at the end of 2020. In the final expansion phase from 2021, 330,000 fully electric vehicles will be produced annually in Zwickau.

12 new production halls and buildings

In addition to the conversion of production lines, a total of 12 new production halls and buildings are being built at the Zwickau plant in line with a plan to increase the daily production capacity from 1,350 to 1,500 vehicles. With the completion of the transformation, Zwickau will be a flexible, digital, high-tech facility with increased productivity, and digitalization will have an impact on all stages of production.

While Zwickau will be the starting point for Volkswagen's e-mobility transformation, Volkswagen will have the largest electric car production network in the near future with 8 different plants to start production.

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