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Porsche designs spaceship for Star Wars

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Porsche is designing an unprecedented spaceship for the series's latest film, Wars Star Wars: Skywalker's Rise ”.

Michael Mauer, Vice President of Porsche AG Design Department, stated that the spaceship will have Porsche design DNA. Ifade This is an exciting task. Although it is thought that they do not have anything in common at first glance, both brands have a similar design philosophy. The close cooperation with the Star Wars design team is a very positive development for us. I think that both sides will benefit from this cooperation. ”

Chiang The global appeal of the Star Wars and Porsche brands is shaped by their iconic designs, Doug said Doug Chiang, Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Lucasfilm. We are connecting the two worlds with this project. It's a delicate work that's done when designing an exotic film set in a galaxy far, far away, and developing exciting Porsche sports cars. This collaboration promises an innovative design that blends the best features of the two brands to create an exciting new spaceship worthy of Porsche and Star Wars. ”

The design team will meet regularly in Stuttgart, California and San Francisco in the coming weeks to design the spaceship and create a suitable model.

In addition to the official introduction of the model at the premiere of “Star Wars: Skywalker's Rise ındaki in December, the brand will also showcase its first fully electric sports car, the Taycan model, on which the World premiered on September 4.

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