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Jaguar's new design studio

Sunday, November 3, 2019

With its new studio in Gaydon, Jaguar has gathered all the design processes of its new models under one roof.

For the first time in Jaguar's long-standing history of 84 years, the new design center, which allows both interior and exterior design teams to work together, was opened to shape Jaguar's future models. Julian Thomson, Jaguar Design Director, will lead the studio, where human-centered design will be developed with the highest technological equipment. At the heart of the new Jaguar Design Studio, Space Heart Space bir stands out as a brand new hub that allows the creative team of 280 people to design next generation Jaguars.

Jaguar describes the design process

Jaguar, which has maintained its long-standing leadership in design, behind closed doors in Whitley, moved into a brand new purpose-built studio at the Gaydon Design and Engineering Center. Jaguar aims to provide a unique perspective to the fascinating journey that will bring the new generation Jaguar vehicles from sketch to clay modeling, from engineering to the showroom. Exterior and interior design teams collaborate throughout the six stages of the design journey (Sketch, Clay Modeling, Digitalization, Color and Materials, Technical Design, Model Production) from the first inspirational draft to the car ready for mass production in about four years. From start to finish, each project is overseen by a program management team that integrates with all business functions in each of these six phases.

Heart Space, located in the center of the studio, surrounds special workspaces for interior, exterior, color and material teams. In addition, the Design Visualization and Design Technical departments are the other departments that surround this area. Jaguar’s design team consists of a number of designers from around the world with the infrastructure of fashion, watchmaking, sports and video game industries. The team from these different fields will help Jaguar interpret the ‘English spirit kullanarak using contemporary materials and processes. This includes a range of industry-leading technologies, including clay modeling machines, virtual reality (VR) systems and an 11-meter 4K digital display wall called “The Electric an, which allow simultaneous work on 20 different models. Spread over an area of ​​12,000 square meters, the New Jaguar Design Studio is 33% larger than the former design center in Whitley.

The main studios were inspired by the Jaguar D-Type, which won the Le Man Races in 1956 and 1957, respectively; it has also been named Studio 3 and Studio 4, giving priority to studios # 1 and # 2 at Whitley, which has been home to Jaguar designs since 1985. Half of the meeting rooms are named after the iconic Jaguar models, while the other half are named after the key figures in Jaguar history, including Sir William Lyons, founder of Jaguar history, designer Geoff Lawson and actor Steve McQueen. Studio 3 and 4 are home to a total of 10 modeling platforms that can accommodate two clays, each 20 meters long and with a load capacity of 4.5 tons. For the first time, interior and exterior design teams can work side-by-side to improve synergy and collaboration between them.

The new Jaguar Design Studio also places greater emphasis on advanced materials technologies. The Color and Materials team has more space and technology to explore and experiment with new and sustainable resources that meet Jaguar's stringent quality standards and continue to offer a sense of luxury and high quality for next-generation vehicles. The Color and Materials team plays a vital role by working together in many details, from designing new paint colors to creating the smallest interior detail.

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