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Toyota launches "level 4 autonomous" vehicle

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Toyota Research Institute (TRI), Platform 4 (P4) autonomous test vehicle, starting next summer, will begin to use public roads in Tokyo. Accordingly, the P4 autonomous test vehicle will set out on a specially selected route from July to September 2020, using Toyota's “Driver” Level 4 autonomous system.

Toyota's autonomous driving technology trial with the P4 will take place in Odaiba, Tokyo's complex pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The trial will be held in public areas, according to the law for safety purposes while driving a driver will be located at the wheel.

TRI is also being tested in a closed test area in Michigan, USA. Here Toyota Research Institute implemented various scenarios by simulating the challenging conditions of Odaiba. P4's software will be developed with the data obtained from tests to be made on public roads in Odaiba.

The P4 test vehicle, introduced at CES 2019, was built on the fifth-generation Lexus LS sedan. In addition, the P4 is used in the research and development of Toyota Research Institute's “Toyota Guardian” active safety feature and “Driver” autonomous driving practices.

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