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Toyota artificial intelligence LQ concept

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Toyota is preparing to introduce the LQ concept, which builds an emotional connection between the driver and the vehicle using advanced technology.

Representing the new generation Yeni Concept-i L, the LQ features autonomous driving capacity and a powerful artificial intelligence Yui assistant. As an assistant powered by intelligent artificial intelligence, Yui recognizes the driver and offers a personal mobility experience. Yui and LQ's autonomous driving technology connects the driver and the vehicle, responding to individual preferences and needs. Toyota's new concept, it also gives tips for vehicles to be produced in the future.

LQ, thanks to the advanced man-machine interface can communicate both inside and outside. The fields in the lq'n the ceiling and floor, the passengers and providing communication between vehicles. The colors also placed at different points mean the autonomous or manual mode. The lighting system is located outside the vehicle, information such as road conditions can reflect in order to inform other vehicles. The Digital Micro Mirror system, which is adapted to the headlamps, is capable of realizing complex figures with a million small mirrors.

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