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Nissan introduces legendary models to consumers

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Nissan, Yokohama from Tokyo Headquarters of carrying the tenth anniversary in Yokohama Headquarters was inaugurated the Cultural Heritage Area.

NISSAN has opened a public exhibition space at its headquarters in Yokohama and has begun to display legendary models from the company's rich collection of classic cars.

As part of the opening events, NISSAN showcased the legendary 19 model, which marked the time for a certain period of time. Skyline Sport, Silvia and Datsun 14 Roadster are the first vehicles to be exhibited to highlight the path from the company's rich history to the future.

Offering a comfortable environment where visitors can learn about NISSAN's cultural heritage, the new Cultural Heritage Area will contribute to NISSAN's emphasis on its rich history and ongoing customer focus. It will introduce specific themes and issues related to NISSAN's identity and history.

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