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New Volkswagen Golf first photos

Saturday, October 12, 2019

8. Volkswagen Golf introduces the generation in the coming days, with the first official.

The 8th generation Volkswagen Golf, which we have been waiting for a long time for its official presentation, has been on the agenda many times over the prototype. Although it has little camouflage on it, it is possible to say that the new generation, which we had the opportunity to see the design of the mass production character, is a bit disappointing at this point. We have been waiting for a long time to come to the details of the official sources of Golf for a short time before the introduction of these expectations began to respond. It is possible to say that Volkswagen, who started to give clues through design drawings, will draw attention again through these virtual visuals. As a matter of fact, the structure used in the front part of Golf, which we see similar in the prototype version, is more impressive in electronic environment.

In addition to the exterior design of the new generation, Volkswagen does not neglect to share details from what we can call key. We can see how the cockpit and main console structures, which include digital instruments, have been changed and modernized. Although it is sensible compared to the previous generation, it is useful not to expect a revolutionary change. Together with the new console, the design of the steering wheel and the updated versions of the digital displays can be added to the list of experiences that will make a difference. The eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf will be introduced on October 24th at the company's headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany.

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