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Mitsubishi introduces new concept models

Monday, October 28, 2019

MITSUBISHI MOTORS presented the MI-TECH CONCEPT buggy electric SUV concept car to the world at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.



MI-TECH CONCEPT was produced as a plug small plug-in hybrid electric SUV that offers unmatched driving pleasure and confidence in all wind and terrain conditions ”. This concept car; light and compact, the new PHEV powertrain reflects MMC's Your Drive Your Ambition slogan brand slogan in a compact electric SUV format packed with four-engine electric 4WD system, advanced driver support and protective safety technologies.

Lightweight and compact PHEV drive train

The new PHEV powertrain replaces the traditional gasoline engine with a lightweight, compact gas turbine engine generator. Nowadays, as environmental awareness is gradually increasing and shrinking in size, this concept considers a technological proposition to integrate the PHEV driveline into a small SUV. The gas turbine engine generator offers powerful performance in terms of size and weight.

The flexibility to work with various fuels such as diesel, gas oil and alcohol, which can be selected by region, is another benefit of the gas turbine. The cleanliness of the exhaust also responds to environmental and energy issues.

 Electric 4WD system

MMC proudly applied the S-AWC Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control System to a Quad-Engine 4WD System with Dual Motor Active Rollover Control (AYC) at the front and rear. The electrical power of the brake calipers also provides high response, high accuracy in driving control, and braking power of the four wheels, significantly improving turn and grip performance.

The ability to deliver optimal driving power to the four wheels makes it possible to deliver power to the two wheels still on the ground and to continue driving, while driving off-road. MMC thus offers the driver a safe and exciting driving experience in any situation, whether in the city or on rough terrain, while reversing the left and right tires, allowing new driving experiences such as 180-degree spins.

(4) Advanced driver support and protective safety technologies

The vehicle is equipped with a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that shows a variety of information detected by technologies such as enhanced optical sensors on the windscreen with augmented reality (AR). Drivers can make the right decisions even when visibility is poor thanks to information such as vehicle, road and surrounding traffic shown on the AR-featured windscreen. The concept car also features MI-PILOT next-generation driver assistance technology, not only on motorways and on normal roads, but on unpaved roads. also offers driver support.


The three-seater SUV MITSUBISHI ENGELBERG TOURER, another vehicle exhibited at the Tokyo Fair, brings forward its own Dual Engine PHEV drivetrain developed by MMC at Outlander PHEV with the addition of a new generation of electrification technology and four-wheel control. located under the ground. The PHEV drivetrain of the vehicle, which uses the Dual Engine system of high-output, high-output engines at the front and rear, has been made more compact, while the layout has been optimized to provide a larger volume for passengers and a three-row package.

The 4WD System in the vehicle uses AYC to control the power distribution between the two front wheels as well as the full-time 4WD with a Dual Engine system consisting of a high-output engine at the front and rear. Combining these with the MMC's Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) integrated vehicle behavior control system, driving performance is significantly improved Driving, cornering and stopping performances, control of braking force applied to each wheel (Prevents Locking of Wheels) Increased by integrating the front and rear engine output (Active Stability Control - ASC) with the Brake System (ABS).

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