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MINI Electric's Nürburgring record

Sunday, October 27, 2019

MINI is the first electric car to complete the legendary Nürburgring track in Germany without using the brake pedal with its fully electric MINI Electric.

In the world of motorsports, the 20.8 km track, nicknamed ‘Green Hell,, hosted an extraordinary record in the piloting of former Formula One champion Jackie Stewart. The brand completed the runway with only the gas pedal using the Energy Recovery feature with the MINI Electric model at Nürburgring, where many manufacturers struggle to achieve the fastest lap time.

Restoring energy

The BMW MINI Electric is the first and only model in the BMW Group to have regenerative brakes that can be leveled so that it can be operated with the accelerator pedal, even in the city without the need for a brake pedal. When the foot is pulled from the gas, the electric motor can slow down the car according to the setting preferred by the car's driver. This feature also helps the car to recover a large part of its electrical energy in heavy traffic. Thanks to the energy recovery feature, which provides great ease of use in the city as well as on the track, the driver can manage the car with a single pedal. The new, fully digital indicators developed specifically for MINI Electric can also be used to monitor the energy used and gained by the car.

Adjustable level

In Green Mode, MINI Electric completes the Green Hell without touching the brake pedal, restoring the kinetic energy it has during the deceleration to its batteries as electrical energy. MINI Electric, which allows the driver to choose the driving style through MINI Driving Modes, moves in a mode that gives the pedal to the accelerator pedal a smoother mode as well as the comfort-oriented steering system with Green Mode. In addition, when the Green + mode is preferred, the air conditioning system and seat heating are turned off to save more energy. The level of the energy recovery mode can also be adjusted with a button in the center console. In this way, even during sporty use of the track without the need for brake pedal can perform both efficient and efficient driving. Adjusting the level of energy recovery allows the car to choose the most suitable setting for the overall structure of the runway.

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