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Honda electrified 2020

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Honda, Electrical Vision strategy has been brought forward 3 years. Honda, aiming to make all models electric or hybrid in 2022, will present a new series of 6 new models in 3 years.

Honda has accelerated its ‘Electric Vision’ strategy with confidence in the electrical and hybrid technologies it has developed. In the ‘Electric Vision’ meeting held in Amsterdam today, within the scope of the statement made by Tom Gardner, Senior Vice President of Honda Motor Europe, the target of 2025, which was previously determined as 2025 for all models to be electric and hybrid, was withdrawn. Honda will offer six new models with electric or hybrid engines in 36 months.

Honda also launched the new “e: Technology” brand, which will combine all electric or hybrid vehicles under the same global name. All models to be produced under this strategy will be under the “e: Technology” brand. The first model produced under the “e: Technology” brand and bearing the e: HEV logo was the new generation Jazz. Honda’s successful small-scale representative is the first to introduce advanced two-engine hybrid technology as standard. As the most popular member of the B Hatchback segment, the new generation of Honda Jazz continues to offer the best cabin width and comfort level in the smallest class as it has so far, while also incorporating ‘electric vehicle’ driving dynamics, advanced technologies and safety features.

Tom Gardner, Senior Vice President of Honda Motor Europe, stated that “Honda e”, which will be available in the European market in 2020, and the new generation Honda Jazz are the leading models of the “Electric Vision, strategy, bu This change in electrification will change the face of our model array. Our two-motor hybrid technology will be extended to our model range and we will introduce more electric or hybrid products to the market. ”

At the meeting, Honda announced its cooperation with Vattenfall, the leading energy supplier in Europe, and announced its next step in energy management for Europe. Honda announced that they have signed a letter of intent with Vattenfall to implement flexible energy contracts that benefit from renewable energy and are specifically designed for electric car users.

Superior hybrid performance: Honda e: HEV

The new Honda Jazz will be available for the first time in Europe with a two-engine hybrid power and transmission system. The system combines impressive and smooth driving performance with extremely advanced fuel economy. Developed for the new Honda Jazz, the new hybrid system offers a smooth, flowing and lively and aggressive driving experience that responds quickly to gas orders.

New “Crosstar” version of Jazz is introduced

In addition to the new generation of Jazz, Honda is also introducing the new ‘Crosstar’ version, which is intended for users who like crossover design more. Featuring the same hybrid power and transmission system and interior design features as the standard version, the new Crosstar differs from standard versions with more floor clearance, a more original front grille design, waterproof flooring and integrated roof bars.

New minimalist lean design

Lean design philosophy, which will be used in future Honda models, continues the concepts of function and beauty applied in the “Honda e ilk model first. Thanks to innovative construction technologies, the A-pillar has been reduced by half compared to the previous generation. This gives the driver a wider front cross-field of view. Thanks to the improved torsional rigidity and innovative structural technologies that direct the collision forces in the front cross zone to the side windows and door pillars, a slim and elegantly designed A-pillar can be obtained that extends the driver's field of vision.

The natural, sharp and lively design stretches along the side of the car and brings a modern and dynamic look. The sharper and sharper shoulder line makes the car look wider. The car's rear design continues the simple design language in the front with its new horizontally-shaped elegant lighting units and distinctive roof spoiler.

New advanced connectivity solutions

The new in-car infotainment technology with innovative in-car connectivity and an internet access point (WiFi hotspot) keeps the driver and accompanying passengers connected to everyday life while driving. As with smartphones, the new LED touch screen interface has a drag-and-click type of operation, allowing you to browse recently used apps and media lists. Extensive applications can be developed within the system with the wireless connection offered for the first time with the new Jazz and the smartphone screen mirroring feature supported by Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

 Quality and comfortable interior

The new Honda Jazz offers an unprecedented interior width and comfort level in the B segment. The living space, which maintains the lean design philosophy in terms of architecture, is complemented by a compact and user-friendly console design. The large center console and armrest reflect the interior features of top-class cars. The new, wider and body-supporting front seats are shaped with a mat-supported structure instead of a spring to prevent fatigue on long journeys. The improved rear seat design and thicker padding enhance the comfort of the rear seat passengers. The A-pillar with a slim and elegant design and wide windshield provide a wide viewing angle for the driver and accompanying passengers, while at the same time bringing a spacious and bright living space.

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