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Volkswagen unveils its new logo in Frankfurt!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The German automotive giant Volkswagen has officially unveiled its redesigned logo at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Many news about the new logo comes with innovations in our news!

Volkswagen introduces its new logo contemporary!

The new VW logo, which has a more retro and simple design than the previous logo, becomes the 10th logo in the 87-year brand history. A two-dimensional design philosophy draws attention to the logo, which is the work of 19 design teams and 17 external agencies created by Volkswagen. The blue-gray colors used in the old logo were replaced by white colors on navy blue in the new design. In addition, the lower part of the letter W now leaves the circle.

Volkswagen chief designer Klaus Bischoff said in a presentation that the logo was created with reference to simplicity. The form of simplicity that evokes e-mobility sheds light on the brand's new electric vision.

The first vehicle to use the new logo will be the brand's first electric mass production model ID.3. In addition, other new models will be used with the backlight of the logo said. A total of 70,000 logos from around 10,000 dealers and service areas around the world will also be phased out. Defined as the world's most comprehensive renovation process, the work is expected to be completed by the middle of next year.

Volkswagen also announced the “sound logo” concept, a first in brand history. In addition to the melody that is said to make the brand distinctive in acoustics, a first was made in the advertising voice. Mobility and innovative technologies will come to the forefront in advertisements that will include women's voice.

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