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SEAT begins an unusual transport period in its factory

Sunday, September 22, 2019

SEAT started to transport the parts used in production in its factory in Martorell with drone.

At the Martorell plant in Barcelona, ​​SEAT now supplies parts such as the steering wheel and airbag that it uses in production with a drone. Thanks to its collaboration with Grupo Sese, SEAT transports parts from Sese's logistics center in Abrera to the SEAT factory in Martorell using unmanned aerial vehicles.

Thanks to the drone, a 90-minute process by road connects two plants over two kilometers away in just 15 minutes, increasing the flexibility and speed of production lines.

Within the framework of the Industry 4.0 commitment, the brand is undergoing an ambitious transformation process aimed at making the Martorell factory smarter, more digital and more accessible to improve efficiency, flexibility and sustainability . Delivery with unmanned aircraft results in a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions compared to truck transport, and in addition, unmanned aircraft batteries can be recharged using renewable energy.

This idea was brought together by SEAT Vice President of Production and Logistics. V Delivery with unmanned aerial vehicles will revolutionize logistics, for example at SEAT, which will reduce delivery time by 80 percent. We support Industry 4.0 and believe that with this innovation we will be more sustainable, more efficient, agile and competitive.

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