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Land Rover Discovery Sport 2020

Monday, September 16, 2019

New Discovery Sport, one of the most current models reflecting the adventurous spirit of Land Rover, meets the enthusiasts.

A combination of Land Rover's experience of more than 71 years of driving in all conditions and an adventurous spirit, Discovery Sport has been completely revamped as a result of a comprehensive makeover operation. The showroom events will be held between September 14-October 6 and will be seen in New Discovery Sport showrooms and tested at the same time. Discovery Sport, S, SE, HSE, R-Dynamic S, R-Dynamic SE and R-Dynamic HSE 6 different hardware options and  prices starting from 522,918 TL can be preferred.

More comfortable and safe with 13% tighter chassis

Discovery Sport has achieved a significant success by selling nearly half a million units worldwide in the last 3 years and has received many important awards during this period. The new Discovery Sport, combined with a completely redesigned Premium Transverse Architecture (PTA) chassis as well as a renewed exterior design, can  combine  comfort, handling and also suitable infrastructure for electric motors . Developed on Land Rover's new PTA platform, the New Discovery Sport provides low fuel consumption with its electric powered engines. The new Discovery Sport, which has a 13% more rigid body than its predecessor, prevents noise and vibrations in the vehicle. The tightened chassis of the new Discovery Sport makes a significant contribution to safety as well as an increase in in-vehicle comfort.

Efficient, hybrid engine options

Featuring 48V electric powered mild hybrid (MHEV), the New Discovery Sport provides very low fuel consumption and carbon emissions. At speeds below 17 km/h, the internal combustion engine is switched off when the driver presses the brake pedal and the energy generated during braking is stored in the batteries on the floor of the New Discovery Sport. This energy is then used in the electric motor to support the internal combustion engine. In this way, a significant saving in fuel consumption of the vehicle can be achieved. Equipped with Mild hybrid, the model consumes an average of 5.5 liters of gasoline per 100 km. 180 hp 2.0-liter diesel model in Turkey and improves the car's acceleration capability will be available with the environmentally sensitive technology MHEV hosting 150 hp engine option.

New Discovery Sport innovations

One of the most striking technological innovations of the new Discovery Sport is the Clear Sight Digital Rearview Mirror, which offers users a unique convenience. This system allows the rearview mirror to be a high-resolution display at the push of a button, providing a wider field of view and a higher resolution at a 50-degree angle. It also makes it much safer to maneuver with the Clear Sight Digital Rearview Mirror, even in situations where high objects in the boot or dirty rear windows will prevent rear view.

The new Discovery Sport offers the Land Rover a number of important innovations on top-class models, including optional equipment. The Ground View system, which represents one of these remarkable technologies, makes a 180-degree front camera visible to the curb or high overhangs in the car's blind spots. The new Discovery Sport also features wireless charging, a 12-volt charging socket per seat and ventilation grille for second and third row seats.

Passes through 600 millimeters of water

Land Rover's off-road capability from the genes that protect the vehicle, can easily pass through 600-millimeter puddles. With the four-wheel drive control system Terrain Response 2, the Model offers traction to suit the surface it is located in. It also raises the bar higher in its segment with its high safety features. With the optional Adaptive Cruise Control with steering assistance, the New Discovery Sport can center the lane and automatically adjust its distance to the vehicle in front. In addition, Lane Tracking Assistant, Emergency Brake and Driver Fatigue Monitoring Monitor are among the security options.

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