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BMW ends production of 3 models

Thursday, September 19, 2019

According to company sources, the German brand, which abandons radical designs in electric models, plans to add electric versions to its existing product range in order to spread these models to the masses. In this context, 13 electric BMWs by 2023 is expected to hit the road.

The development of electric vehicles in the automotive sector continues at full speed. Producers who spend billions of dollars in R & D in this area display their battery-powered cars producing zero emissions one by one.

News from the German manufacturer BMW, unlike its competitors, an electric model will stop production.

So much so, that the BMW i3'ün electric model in the product range, the second generation will not be among the information.


According to the Financial Times, the source of the company, BMW's move behind the electric vehicles with radical designs, not to reach the masses with more traditional designs to reach the strategy lies.

Introduced in 2013 with its distinctive design, the second generation of the i3 is also on the agenda with the introduction of plug-in hybrid and electric versions of the brand's current product range.

It is known that BMW plans to add 13 electric models to its product range by 2023.

Sources say the i3 is the pioneer for BMW's future electric models.

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