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BMW Concept 4 introduced at Frankfurt

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

BMW, the world's most vantablack painted with black color and gives important clues about the new BMW X6 design of the next generation of the BMW Concept 4 Series family of 4 models with the Frankfurt Motor Show was marked.

At the 68th Frankfurt Motor Show, one of the world's most important auto fairs, BMW stands out with its latest and most remarkable models this year. BMW's Concept 4, the biggest surprise at the Frankfurt Motor Show, reflects the brand's new design language for future models. The Concept 4 also gives important clues about the lines of the new BMW 4 Series. Described by its designers as y a brand new work that combines the clean and clear design of BMW with aesthetic stance BMW, the BMW Concept 4 stands out with its distinctive vertical kidney design. The distinctive Kidney Grille, outstanding air intakes and distinctly carved surfaces reveal that the Concept 4 is a true driver's car. Unique grille design 328 and 3.

The BMW Concept 4 has a significant share in the remarkable design of the twin headlight design. Designed to be in harmony with BMW's characteristic kidneys, full LED headlamps do not have a glass cover. The headlamp design meets the vehicle's body directly like three-dimensional sculptures. Concept 4 is the modern representative of BMW's signature proportions in design. Stretched hood, long wheelbase, flowing roof line and short overhangs are the outlines of a modern, elegant and dynamic coupé.

The world's blackest car: the new X6 Vantablack

Representing the third generation of the X6 Series, the New X6 manages to make the BMW X models more agile and versatile than ever before. Sharp lines, strong surfaces and a more dynamic effect make the car's exterior look athletic and impressive. Production of the new X6 will begin in November 2019 and will be available in four different engine options. The model is pioneered by an extremely powerful petrol V8 engine and a 6-cylinder diesel engine. In addition, Vantablack, the world's blackest color absorbing 96.96%, meets the car lovers with the New X6 for the first time in the world. Vantablack allows the object to be perceived in two dimensions because it is imprisoned in it instead of reflecting it on the light.

New Series 1 - Enhanced Driving Pleasure in the Compact Segment

With its third generation, the new 1 Series has been shaped in line with the brand's new design approach. In addition to superior chassis systems and innovative technologies, the integration of all of BMW's core driving dynamics components and control systems enables the Series 1 to offer superior handling in all conditions .

BMW Vision M NEXT - The Future of Sport Driving

One of the cars that gave important ideas about the future of BMW was the BMW Vision M NEXT at the NEXTGen event. At this point, the BMW Vision M Next concept, one of the most remarkable models of BMW, was exhibited here for the first time. BMW Vision M NEXT, BMW's model that sheds light on the future of electric sports cars, is designed to be completely driver-oriented. BMW Vision M NEXT, exhibited with BMW Vision iNEXT for the first time in 2018, reflects BMW's EASE and BOOST definitions in the world of experience.

Having a design similar to its predecessor, the i8, the Vision M Next represents the ultimate in BMW's sports car DNA. Like the i8, the Vision M NEXT is equipped with a hybrid engine, with a dual-tone body color, carbon-composite details and upward opening doors. Vision M NEXT, with details such as rear window details and brand logos hidden in the taillights, also refers to the BMW M1, which is considered the beginning of BMW's sports car history. Designed as a rechargeable hybrid, the BMW Vision M NEXT produces a total of 600 hp with its 4-cylinder turbo petrol engine and electric engines. Vision M NEXT, whose last speed is 300 km/h, completes the acceleration of 0-100 km/h in only 3 seconds. Vision M NEXT 100 km electric driving mode with zero emissions in the city can travel. Vision M NEXT uses Laser Wire technology on both headlights and rear taillights. Vision M NEXT also opens the doors automatically when the vehicle's defined user approaches, thanks to the face recognition feature.

The new BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé - Four-Door Luxury Sports Car

Representing the third body type of the 8 Series after Coupé and Convertible options, the new BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé combines the comfort and usability of a 4-door sedan with the sporty design and driving pleasure expected of a Coupé.

New M8 Coupé and New M8 Convertible - High Performance Sports Cars

With the M TwinPower Turbo technology and high-speed V8 engines, BMW is pushing the limits of performance with the new M8 Coupé with 600 horsepower, the New M8 Convertible and the new M8 Competition Coupé with 625 horsepower. The high-performance unit is equipped with a Drivelogic 8-speed M Steptronic gearbox, while the M xDrive four-wheel drive system and Active M Differential power ensure complete transfer to the road.

Show Premiere: New X1 - Sports Activity Vehicle in Compact Form

The new BMW X1 gives drivers more personality with Kidney Grids and a new look with LED headlights and taillights. The high quality and ambience of the cab contribute to the technological functionality of the car. The new X1 comes with a choice of three-cylinder and four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines that produce a maximum of 231 horsepower. The plug-in hybrid version of the new X1 will be among the model options in the spring of 2020.

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