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Will the delivery of Mercedes-AMG One be delayed?

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Mercedes-AMG's Formula 1-based hyper car model One was ready for delivery later this year. However the plans of the German brand did not keep, and Mercedes-AMG One may be delayed!

Mercedes-AMG One with F1 engine fitted to emission barrier

The Mercedes-AMG One, which used the 1.6-liter V6 hybrid engine in Formula 1 , looked quite successful in this sense. The concept version of the Project One was announced at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show and continued to be developed during this time. However, Auto Motor und Sport reports that things are not going as expected.

Allegedly, Mercedes-AMG engineers, the vehicle to be made to the roads smoothly having difficulties in arrangements to be made . One of these challenges is the compliance of the engine with the new WLTP emission regulations. Strict emission standards can cause some interruptions in the vehicle producing 1,035 horsepower thanks to four electric motors .

Another problem in the model is the lack of success in the efficiency of the engine . The engine of today's Formula 1 vehicles undergoes a preheating phase prior to starting the engine . Engineers working to ensure that the road vehicle does not need it, is also trying to make the engine more durable .

Project One was the masterpiece of the Mercedes-AMG F1 team , which has been a 5-season champion since 2014 . German brand's models will begin deliveries to seamlessly deliver this year to 2021 to find said. The fact that the main reason for this delay is due to the engine problem may be a bit upset for the waiting people.

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