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Volkswagen Will Announce its New Logo in September!

Saturday, August 24, 2019

German automotive giant Volkswagen , has been preparing to renew its logo for a while. The brand, which will strengthen its recently worn image, will make a big announcement in September that includes its new logo.

Volkswagen updates its logo and corporate identity!

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, which will open its doors in September, all eyes will be on Volkswagen. The German brand will share its new logo and corporate identity with visitors at the fair held at home . The brand is divided into three branches with the new 2D logo to be announced with the motto “New Volkswagen” . The models with internal combustion engines will be used in white while the logo of the GTI versions will have a red color. ID series electric cars will come with a logo dominated by light blue color.

The new logo and corporate identity, which will be used in Europe for the first time, will also change in many areas of the brand. Volkswagen, which operates in 171 countries , will need to change about 70,000 logos in more than 10,000 locations . This change will take a long time and will take place in stages. With the revision to be made in the US market in the first quarter of next year, the renewal operation will be completed.

In addition to the new logo and corporate identity, the brand's advertising voice will also change. In order to draw attention to equality, a female voice in the future is scheduled to appear in the commercials. Finally, let us state that the electric Volkswagen ID 3 model that will make the beginning of this change will be introduced at the same fair.

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