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Volkswagen Group: “goTOzero”

Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Volkswagen Group has gathered its efforts for sustainability and environmental protection in its mission statement titled TO goTOzero ..

With or goTOzero Marka, the brand is taking the next big step in its Group strategy “TOGETHER-Strategy 2025+ to become a company that extensively focuses on sustainability. The Group's Environmental Policy consists of four areas of action: climate change, resources, air quality and environmental adaptation, and strategically guides many environmental programs at the Group and brand levels.

Environmental Mission Statement

In a statement, the Volkswagen Group says: In  order to protect ecosystems and make a positive impact on society, we strive to reduce the environmental impacts of our products and mobility solutions throughout the life cycle. This covers the entire process from the extraction of raw materials to the end of the product's life. Compliance with our voluntary commitments as well as environmental regulations and standards is a fundamental prerequisite for our actions.

Action Areas

The Volkswagen Group focuses on four key areas of action in its bildir goTOzero ”mission statement. The statement states:

Climate change:Volkswagen is committed to aligning with the United Nations climate protection agreement in Paris. The target is to become a CO2 neutral company in the balance sheet by 2050. As of 2025, the Company plans to reduce its Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 30% over the total life cycle of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The Company actively contributes to the transition to renewable energy sources throughout its life cycle.
Resources: Volkswagen to maximize resource efficiency and materials,
Air quality: Volkswagen emphasizes e-mobility to improve local air quality. As of 2025, the share of battery-powered electric vehicles will be between 20% and 25% in the Group's model portfolio. The share of electric vehicles in the Group's fleet will be at least 40% by 2030.

Environmental compliance:  Volkswagen aims to set an example of a modern, transparent and successful company by establishing and supervising effective management systems that control the environmental impact of mobility solutions at all life cycle stages.

Long and medium term targets

Volkswagen Group plans to become a CO2 neutral company by 2050. By 2025, the Group aims to reduce its carbon footprint by 30% across its entire life cycle compared to 2015, and by 2025 to reduce water, wastewater, CO2, energy consumption and volatile organic compounds by 45% compared to 2010.

The group plans to invest approximately 30 billion euros in electro-mobility by 2023 and to introduce 70 new electric models to the market by 2028. In addition, it plays an important role in the establishment of the electric charging infrastructure.

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