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The new Porsche Taycan is here with the expected interior visuals

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Porsche's first electric sports car Taycan brings the traditional Porsche design to the present day in a digital and sustainable way.

The front console of the Taycan is inspired by the original 1911 911's front console. The cockpit of Taycan, which marks the beginning of a new era with its open and completely renovated structure, has been designed in a clear, driver-oriented, simple, minimalist and ultra-modern way. The control keys are easy to use and do not distract. The independent, curved instrument panel is located at the top of the dashboard. The driver-focused panel ensures that the information required for driving remains within sight.

16.8 inch instrument panel

The innovative dashboard features a curved 16.8-inch screen with rounded lines typical of Porsche. The fact that the cover is not used, it has adopted a light and modern style that resembles high quality smart phones and tablets, and the reflection is prevented by the polarization filter.

Drivers are offered four display modes for the instrument panel:

Classic mode: In this mode, which includes Porsche-specific round gauges, the Power indicator replaces the rev counter in the center panel.
Map mode: A map image is inserted instead of the power indicator in the center.

Full Map mode: The round indicators have been deliberately removed and replaced with a full-screen navigation map.
Simple mode: With a minimalist arrow, only essential information for driving, such as speed, traffic signs and navigation, is included.
At the same time, there are small touch areas on the sides of the screen to control headlamp and chassis functions. The instrument panel is therefore wider than the steering wheel and reminds of the iconic original 911.

Two different steering options The steering wheel is

lightweight and has two models. In addition to simple steering, Porsche also offers the option of a GT sports steering wheel, which can be equipped with colored parts. Distinctive design with screw heads visible, the steering also features Porsche's typical round-key switch to choose from different driving modes.

The upper and lower parts of the dashboard open like a wing along the width of the vehicle. The 10.9-inch central infotainment display and optional passenger display together create an integrated glass band with a black panel look, providing visual harmony with the interior design.

All user interfaces are renewed for Thai. The number of traditional hardware controls such as toggle switches and buttons has been significantly reduced. Control is made smart and intuitive with touch control and the audio system that responds to the ses Hey Porsche ”command.

Front passenger-specific display

Driving systems such as Porsche Active Stability Management (PASM) from Taycan can be adjusted with direct access using the central display. The driver has a clearly structured and customizable home screen, allowing you to access all applications quickly. These applications include navigation, phone, media, comfort and Porsche Connect. Thanks to optimized volume control, drivers can access the desired function even faster. For the first time, passengers sitting in the front seat of Taycan will also have their own touch screen, which allows them to change settings without distracting the driver.

Wide range of customization options and innovative material concepts

Taycan's color and material design enabled the use of a wide range of personalized equipment from traditional to sustainable and modern. Options include Club Leather “OLEA an, which uses classic leather and olive leaves in the tanning process. A new feature is a completely skinless interior with state-of-the-art surface texture. This design uses high-quality micro-fiber “Race-Tex”, which is made up of partially recycled polyester fibers. The production of this design produces 80 percent less carbon dioxide compared to conventional materials. For the flooring, among other materials, fiber “Econyl® yapılan made from recycled fishing nets is used.

Taycan offers a variety of interior and exterior settings with a traditional and modern style. The interior accents and decorations underline the importance given to detail, while meeting the highest quality standards typical for Porsche in terms of material properties and workmanship. Taycan; Black-Green Lemon-Beige, Blackberry, Atakama Beige and Meranti Brown interior color options. The optional package offers customers a choice of contrasting special colors in black matt, dark silver or neodymium colors with an elegant champagne tone. Options for doors and center consoles include wood trim, matt carbon, embossed aluminum and fabric.

Apart from these innovations, there is another detail that no Porsche should be deprived of. As with the ignition lock on conventional Porsche models, the engine start switch is located on the left side of the steering wheel.

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