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Tesla Model S 30 Seconds!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

In England, a Tesla Model S was the subject of a theft that could be the subject of films. Only 30 seconds as a result of digital theft luxury cars, thieves passed into the hands!

Keyless entry-start feature Tesla Model S stolen!

Like many of its competitors, Tesla's Model S, an electric luxury car, features keyless entry and start. Auto mice are known to take advantage of this feature from time to time. The final target of this deficit was a Tesla Model S in the UK.

The technique known as “relay attack, is based on the fact that an apparatus between the switch and the vehicle acts as a bridge. The thieves are able to trick the system by copying the key signal with a range enhancer. Thus, the control of the vehicle in a short time can pass into the hands of thieves.

The theft in the United Kingdom took place as above. While waiting next to a burglar tool in the hands of the other thief assembly opens doors closer to home. In the second step, the burglar in the Model S turns on the engine and the vehicle is stolen after about 30 seconds of operation. At the end of the published security camera images are heard that vehicle owners are awakened.

ADAC's research shows that 230 out of 237 tested cars can be played in this way. Due to the average of 18 seconds of signal copying, Tesla offered an optional PIN system. Apparently, the addition of a PIN to start the vehicle is not enough to prevent such theft.

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