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Mercedes-Benz EQV 2020

Friday, August 23, 2019

Mercedes-Benz as a concept at the Geneva Motor Show to show EQV was introduced to production-ready form. Mercedes-Benz EQV is the world's first premium electric van .

The world's first luxury electric van: Mercedes-Benz EQV!

Apart from minor details with the concept version of the same design with EQV, it is the first fully electric model in the premium MPV market. The minibus that can be charged with the entrance located in the front bumper can carry up to 8 people with different axle options. The interior features a 10-inch MBUX infotainment system; It can perform functions such as trip planner, sound system and climate control.

The new EQV comes with an electric motor with energy recovery technology installed on the axle. The van can produce 204 horsepower and 362 Nm of torque, reaching a maximum speed of 160 km. The 90 kWh battery pack, located on the vehicle floor, offers a range of up to 405 km. According to Mercedes, the batteries can reach 80% charge in 45 minutes thanks to the 110 kW fast charge.

Mercedes-Benz EQV, which will be exhibited at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, will be produced in the Vitoria factory of the brand like its other commercial siblings. There is no information about the price of the vehicle.

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