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Jaguar Land Rover 3D Head-Up Display

Monday, August 26, 2019

Head-up display technology makes driving easier for owners thanks to the ease of driving it offers. Jaguar Land Rover takes this technology a step further with the help of artificial intelligence and makes it 3D.

Jaguar Land Rover develops 3D head-up display technology

Developed by the British car company, the new screen works with the logic of creating depth perception. In contrast to the traditional system, the image can be projected throughout the windscreen. The system features lane departure warning, hazard detection, instant navigation assistance, and blind spot display. Jaguar Land Rover even claims that in the future, passengers can watch movies in 3D to prove that the technology is advanced.

The 3-D head-up display system was developed in partnership with the Center for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE) at Cambridge University. The R & D center has a work called Smart Cabin to increase the comfort of drivers and passengers. 3D head-up display technology is also part of this work. Professor Daping Chu, CAPE responsible, said that the program, which was realized in collaboration with JLR, aims to bring together virtual reality technology and autonomous tools in the future.

Jaguar Land Rover has long been testing artificial intelligence-based technologies in real life. Finally, we have seen that the company is attempting to use heat or cooling on turns with the sensory steering wheel. These technologies, including 3D head-up display technology, are planned to be used in future road cars.

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