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Ferrari Redefines The Classic Car Concept

Monday, August 26, 2019

Ferrari adds value to the concept of classic and neo-classic cars with the iche Classiche Certificate of Authenticity.

Ferrari takes the classic car concept to the next level with the iche Classiche Certificate of Authenticity di, which is given to the cars that are currently used and which have completely original parts. This certificate, which is presented after the control tests carried out at Officina Classiche Workshops, also ensures the originality of the cars.The certificate, which can be requested directly from Ferrari or from more than 70 official Officina Ferrari Classiche workshops located around the world, has been clarified by Ferrari Classiche experts after detailed examination of the chassis, engine, transmission, suspension brakes, wheels, bodywork and vehicle. prepared. Thus, a brand guarantee is provided to verify the authenticity of the vehicle owned or intended to be purchased.

Parts are checked one to one  

 Experts who apply to the original Ferrari archive, where the assembly diagrams of each car produced since 1947 are carefully preserved, determine the suitability of the car in question for the original project and production of the factory. If a non-original part is detected in Ferrari, it can be replaced with the original one, or the original part can be reproduced according to the original. Customers who demand this intervention also receive a special restoration service that maintains the authenticity of the car and increases its value. The Classiche Certificate of Authenticity, which is particularly applicable to special series considered 'True Classic', All Ferrari road models produced at least 20 years ago and regardless of the years of production Ferrari F1, Sports and Sports Prototype models are given for.

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