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Tesla Model 3 Is The Safest Of EuroNCAP Tests!

Monday, July 8, 2019

EuroNCAP, Europe's trustworthy automobile appraisal agency, has released the crash test results of 6 new models. Tesla Model 3 stepped into the European market was marked by the results announced!

Tesla Model 3 receives the “starry gold inden from EuroNCAP tests!

Tesla's small sedan, as it will be remembered, faced serious security charges during the exit period. Elon Musk, the owner of the brand, was able to face these criticisms, while the statement that eliminated the doubts about the Model 3 came from EuroNCAP. The model included in the safety tests achieved one of the organization's highest scores.

The car received 96% in the adult passenger category, 86% in the child passenger category and 74% in pedestrian safety, and was awarded 5 stars in the overall rating. However, the Tesla Model 3's 94% score in the safety assistant category made the electric car the safest model in the field. In this area the second safest standard model Volkswagen T-Cross is and 80% be noted can collect points.

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class and GLE of the other cars that participated in EuroNCAP tests also received 5 stars with standard safety equipment. On the other hand, Kia Ceed and DS 3 Crossback can receive 4 stars with standard equipment, while the security package has completed 5 stars.

Tesla, which was discussed with its difficulties from time to time, comes up with good news these days. In the second quarter of the year, 95 220 pieces American brand that performs vehicle delivery, with this figure the record was left behind. On the other hand, Tesla is expected to make a big start by next year thanks to the commissioning of the Chinese factory and new models.