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SEAT Now Uses Supercomputer To Design Cars

Monday, July 1, 2019

SEAT uses MareNostrum 4, the most powerful computer in Spain and the seventh most powerful computer in Europe, to develop its cars.

Thanks to the supercomputer, which is equivalent to 40,000 personal computers, SEAT performs calculation and planning for aerodynamics, which requires a wide range of data and variables to be calculated quickly. . SEAT engineers use the supercomputer MareNostrum 4 in the Supercomputing Center (BSC) in Barcelona to increase the aerodynamics of their cars and reduce the air friction coefficient. This enables safer and more efficient vehicles to be designed with lower consumption, lower carbon emissions and better performance. The main areas of analysis include the front and rear end of cars, chassis, tires and wheels.

Located at the Northern Campus of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain's seventh most powerful supercomputer, 6,912 microchips, 13,7 petaflops with 165,888 processors, and 40,000 personal computers weigh 78 tons.

Maria Garcia-Navas, Engineer of the Development and Aerodynamics Department of SEAT, said that calculating the aerodynamics of automobiles is costly to work with the wind tunnel, the clay models are broken in these tunnels, “the computational power of the MareNostrum 4 supercomputer allows us to add more parameters and how the wheels Idea is increasingly narrowing the gap between simulation and reality.”

Seat Minimo Launched

Seat introduced Minimo at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), 100 percent electric concept car designed to facilitate urban use. “SEAT Minimo has been designed specifically for platforms that will shape the city's future driving, Luc said Luca de Meo, chairman of Seat. The model that will provide the solution that vehicle sharing companies are looking for will be the key to increasing the profits of such companies. Minimo will meet all the needs of both cities and vehicle sharing companies.”

Minimo combines the safety, comfort and agility of a car with its easy parking. The 100 percent electric concept car, which offers a seating capacity for two, was developed with an integrated battery change system. This allows the vehicle to charge in just a few minutes and can travel more than 100 kilometers. Minimo does not have to be charged at charging points.