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Porsche 718 Family Two New Models

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Porsche expands its 718 family with 718 Spyder and 718 Cayman GT4 models. At the heart of both models is the 4.0-liter six-cylinder boxer engine from the 911 turbo engine family.

The 4.08 six-cylinder boxer engine of the 718 Spyder and 718 Cayman GT 4 models has the same engine family as the current 911 Carrera model turbo engines. The new high-speed motor generates 420 PS and delivers a maximum torque of 420 nm between 5,000 and 6,800 rpm. Both sports cars with manual transmission can exceed the 300 km speed barrier. The top speed of the 718 Spyder is 301 km and the 718 Cayman GT4 can reach up to 304 km. Both models go up to 100 km in 4.4 seconds. According to the new European Driving Cycle (NEDC), the relative fuel consumption of the mid-engine sports cars is 10.9 liters, the maximum engine speed is 8000. The fascinating character of this naturally aspirated engine is the linear power transmission of a modern petrol particulate filter emission control system and combining with the response.

The same friction despite the greater force

Among the striking features of the 718 Cayman GT4 are the extensive aerodynamic concept. It applies up to 50 percent more suppressing force without adversely affecting friction. The aerodynamics of both models greatly benefit from the newly designed single chamber belt rear silencer: the 718 Cayman GT4 makes room for a functional diffuser that accounts for 30 percent of the rear axle's force. The fixed rear wing produces about 20 percent more thrust than its predecessor. This corresponds to an additional suppression force of twelve kilograms per 200 km. Optimized in the GT style, the front maintains aerodynamic stability with a large front spoiler lip and air curtains, reducing air flow through the front wheels.

The new 718 Spyder is a pure machine for driving pleasure with a lightweight sunroof that can handle top speeds. Famous roadsters such as the Porsche 550 Spyder and the 718 RS 60 Spyder continue their journey in history. Unlike the GT4, the 718 Spyder has a rear spoiler that automatically pops up to 120 km. Thanks to the functional diffuser, it is the first model in the Boxster family to produce aerodynamic thrust on the rear axle.

Powerful brakes, ultra high performance tires

The 718 Spyder and 718 Cayman GT4 high-performance braking system provides consistent braking for track driving thanks to the large aluminum monoblock fixed caliper brakes. Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake is available as an option. One of the new features is that the 718 Spyder now runs on ultra high performance (UHP) tires specially adapted by Porsche. The 718 Cayman GT4 is part of the general package that flies in the Nürburgring ords Nordschleife: on a 20.6-kilometer classic race track, lap time is ten seconds faster than its predecessor.