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New Subaru Forester receives highest marks from Japanese cc

Saturday, June 1, 2019

The new Subaru Forester won the 2018-2019 Grand Prix award with the highest scores from the JNCAP Preventive Safety Performance Assessment.

Subaru has won numerous security awards from the new independent testing agency JNCAP in Japan. Developed through Subaru's new ı Subaru Global Platform olan, the New Forester received the 2018-2019 Grand Prix at the JNCAP, a preventive safety performance assessment by NASVA. Europe and the New Forest, which will also be sold at the end of this year in Turkey  2018-2019  JNCAP the highest degree of preventive safety performance assessment Advanced Safety Vehicle Triple Plus (ASV +++) received his degree. The new XV and Impreza have also become the other Subaru models that have achieved the Advanced Safety Vehicle Triple Plus (ASV +++).

With the new Forester for the 2018-2019 Grand Prix at JNCAP , Subaru  won the 2016-2017 Grand Prix with the new XV and Impreza models. These security awards from Subaru reflect Subaru's commitment to security in every way.

Developed through Subaru's new or Subaru Global Platform durumunda, the new Forester increases passenger protection with enhanced energy absorption in the event of a collision. Thanks to its optimized body structure and the convenient placement of high tensile steels, the new Forester has taken passenger protection to the next level with minimal weight increase.

The new Forester also features a pedestrian protection airbag in the standard equipment in the Japanese market. A pressure located inside the front bumperThe patient determines whether the vehicle has hit a pedestrian. If the sensor detects a collision, the pedestrian protection airbag covers the squeegees and the base of the front columns to reduce the impact on the emitter's head.

With the motto of ıl Confidence in Motion ”, Subaru promises users a ıl pleasure and peace of mind in driving experience. Taking the driver, passenger and pedestrian safety as its priority, Subaru offers a highly advanced technology with the basic, active, preventive and passive safety measures it offers under the du 360 Degree Safety Philosophy driver.