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Innovative camera system from Honda

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Side Mirror Camera System; offers significant advantages in terms of design, safety and aerodynamics. The camera image is transferred to the screens positioned at the points where the driver can easily see the interior ergonomically.

Honda has announced that it will be the standard in the Honda e series during the mass production of the Side Mirror Camera System used in the prototype. Side Mirror Camera System; offers significant advantages in terms of design, safety and aerodynamics. Small cameras replacing the traditional side mirror transfer images to two 6-inch displays placed inside the vehicle. These screens are positioned at both ends of the front console to give the driver a natural look at a point where the driver can easily see ergonomically.

The new generation of camera technology helps the car to have a modern, simple and simple design, while the mass production version of Honda e is complemented by unbuckled A-pillars and built-in door handles. Unlike traditional side mirrors, the cameras are included in the width of the car and do not extend beyond the wheel arches.

Not only do they improve the appearance, they also reduce aerodynamic friction by about 90 percent compared to conventional door mirrors. This results in an improvement of around 3.8 percent for the entire vehicle, while at the point of efficiency and reach of the vehicle. There is also a significant reduction in wind noise, which is normally caused by side mirrors at higher speeds. The camera unit body is designed so that it does not come into contact with the lens, and there is a water-repellent coating on the lens surface to prevent water accumulation.

Reducing the blind point by up to 50 percent

The ideal position of the cameras of the Side Mirror Camera System brings a number of safety advantages. The driver can reduce the blind spot by 10 percent at a normal angle and 50 percent at a wide angle compared to the conventional mirror by selecting one of two different viewing angles from 'normal angle' and 'wide angle' via vehicle settings. In addition, when reverse gear is selected, guide lines appear on the screen in addition to the improved camera angle.

The display brightness is automatically adjusted depending on the ambient light. Comprehensive testing and development work was carried out to provide an image of the Side Mirror Camera System which did not shine in adverse weather, low light and night conditions. In this way, the driver is presented with an image compared to the traditional mirrors.

Honda's new compact electric car is a bold step in design and technology and is part of the strategy of using electric technology in all cars sold by the brand in Europe by 2025. Offering a highly assertive value with an electric range of 200 km, the car is capable of charging up to 80 percent in just 30 minutes with the 'fast charging' feature.

In addition to its spacious and modern exterior, Honda e stands out with its comfortable and comfortable interior. Two customizable digital touch screens meet passenger connectivity requirements. The car's sporty rear-wheel-drive architecture, advanced electric power and drivetrain and a high-performance battery kit bring a fun and dynamic driving experience.

The mass production of Honda e will be introduced later this year. At the moment, pre-orders have already started.