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With the FCA group, it took me to propose to merge with Renault!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Fiat-Chrysler Group (FCA) announced that it has taken a deal involving a partnership with French Renault. Details about the fall in the agenda of the automotive agenda, such as news about our development!

Bomb development: Is FCA and Renault merging?

Reports released last week claimed the FCA and Renault were preparing for a major announcement Monday. In a statement from the French manufacturer, it was announced that they received a partnership offer from the Fiat-Chrysler group and that this proposal would be reviewed in the interests of both companies. According to the information received, the offer at the table, unlike a purchase move, involves the equal share of both companies. Thus, a large automotive giant with 50-50 shares will appear.

According to the statement made by FCA, the two companies had a large sales volume of 8.7 million vehicles annually. According to the Italian group, this partnership aims to unearth a leading automotive giant, particularly electricity and driverless vehicle technologies. Except for Renault, if Nissan and Mitsubishi are included in this partnership, the figure is 15 millio. This is enough for the new company to have a ”leader ına title.

The proposal on the table on the Renault front will be discussed in detail next week. However, the Nissan front, according to reports, is not enthusiastic about this offer. Because the Japanese brand is in a strong position in the US market and the rival Chrysler is in a position to shake this position in the case of concern. On the other hand, the creation of a wide range of brands from Alfa Romeo to Dacia is likely to create some administrative distress.