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Toyota Supra spare parts re-start production!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Toyota Supra, which returned to the road last year, is very popular, but there are serious problems with original spare parts belonging to the old generation. The Japanese brand has taken a hand in this situation and signed a step that will delight the Supra enthusiasts.

The Toyota Supra A70/A80 comes back to life with original spare parts!

Shigeki Tomoyama, the head of the Japanese brand's performance unit, Gazoo Racing , gave the good news in a new Supra event in Japan. "GE Parts Heritage Project", stating that they would give to the program under legendary models support Tomoyama original spare parts, the first member of the program Supra A70/A80 has announced he will.

It is unclear what parts will be reproduced under the newly announced program. However, 2JZ crate engine production is known to be the biggest expectation. Because the new Toyota Supra, thanks to the large engine compartment 2JZ swap process allows. In addition, it is stated that various body and trim parts will be produced with factory molds.

Toyota's revival of old models is not the first among Japanese brands producing such legendary models. First in 2017 in Nissan, NISMO Parts Heritage program, the Skyline GT-R for the original spare parts production began. In addition, Mazda is the first-generation Miata and Honda is running a similar replacement part program for older NSX models.

Do you think that such original spare parts programs have a positive effect on the brand loyalty of the users? You can share your comments with us from the comments below.