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The new Opel Corsa is introduced with a full electric version!

Friday, May 24, 2019

The all-new Opel Corsa appeared in an electric version just before its introduction in September. The new Corsa, which appears earlier than expected, is now more vibrant with the elixir of youth!

The German school comes with a renewed face: the new Opel Corsa!

After the new Corsa visuals shared on a French car site during the week, the German manufacturer lifted the model's cover at the end. The electric model, the Opel Corsa, is the first fully-electric car in the history of the B-hatchback.

When we look at the official visuals, we see that the sixth-generation Corsa has undergone a radical evolution of design. When viewed from the front, the car looks larger and lower than the current model, which attracts attention with the IntelliLux Matrix LED headlights. In addition, the new grill with diamond cuts and the hexagonal form is based on the brand's new Visor design philosophy.

The new Corsa, which has a double color transition on the side with a black roof color, has a sporty air with its floating roof appearance. The boomerang LED stop group at the rear completes this design integrity. When we go to the interior, we see the steps of the PSA and Opel in the way of digitalization. The digital dashboard and the 7 ortak touch screen draw attention to some of the common parts we see on the Peugeot models. Users can also purchase a 10-inch full-size multimedia display option if they wish.

The new Opel Corsa, which rises above the modular platform EMP2 of PSA, has grown significantly in size. The vehicle, which extends by 40 mm and expands to 18 mm, has been reduced  to 108 kilograms after the platform change. The 309 liters of luggage volume also seems to be an ambitious level compared to the class.

At the heart of the electric Opel Corsa is an electric motor with 136 hp. With a battery of 50 kWh, the car offers a range of 330 kilometers at full charge. Moreover, thanks to the fast charging infrastructure, 80% of the battery can be filled in half an hour.

Under the hood is not certain options of the internal combustion version of the basis of 1.2-liter PureTech gasoline and 100-horsepower 1.5 liter diesel engines are expected to create. In order to clarify these details, we need to wait for the launch at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.