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Renault EZ-POD: Concept car for fast transportation

Monday, May 20, 2019

The Renault EZ-POD stands out as an autonomous, internet- connected and 100% electric small robot vehicle designed for fast transport and courier service at short distances.

The Renault Group unveils the EZ-POD, an electric and autonomous test vehicle designed for short trips, while redefining the concept of micro-mobility. Designed for fast transportation and courier service, EZ-POD concept model offers maximum usage area with 3m 2  according to the area it covers.

Standing out as an autonomous, comprehensive and safe model, the Renault EZ-POD offers low-speed mobility, such as electric scooters or bicycles. Renault EZ-POD, the number of applications where maintaining an extremely agility is in the foreground. As the vehicle moves on a specific route, multiple components take over and deliver users where they want to go. Its small size, low speed and mobility in tight spaces make it easy for users.

Due to its low  speed, compactness and agility, the  Renault EZ-POD stands out as a convenient transportation method in airports, car parks and shopping centers. Test drives are planned in these areas for the concept model. The Renault EZ-POD can be used in the future to be used in pedestrian roads at low speed limits or for transporting people with limited mobility (elderly people returning from shopping, with children or people carrying loads). You will also be able to accompany people with a ”follow me good delivery type delivery application.

The Renault EZ-POD, a functional test model to explore new uses of driverless autonomous vehicles, will be developed according to feedback from users, operators and cities.


Renault EZ-POD, produced on the Twizy platform and carrying the lines of the EZ-GO concept model, also carries the traces of EZ-PRO's modular platform concept.

The  front of the Renault EZ-POD concept model is equipped with a camera and a detector that allows the environment to be detected. In addition, there are short and long range radars on the front and rear. The ceiling features two antennas and GPS for real-time positioning and internet connection.

The EZ-POD concept model features a large door that allows users easy access to the vehicle. In the model, two screens in the interior meet the passengers and provide information about the road. The lighting changes depending on the waiting and movement as well as the entry and exit of the vehicle.